The Wonder Tales

foxEver wondered how the Starling got her stars, where the Pheasant got his honk, or how the Fox got his brush?
Then welcome to THE WONDER TALES, Nikki Bradford’s new book inspired by Kipling’s Just So stories!

But instead of animals like lions or rhinos which we’ll probably never see outside a zoo, The Wonder Tales are all about the beloved British wildlife living right on our own doorsteps – oh, plus space travel, how red squirrels do punk Mohican ear tufts, and the odd poo joke…

So come join in the storytelling !
The Grange Art Gallery on Rottingdean Green, BN2 7HA

Part of the Inspired by Kipling Festival
3pm, Sunday July 20th

Big fat cream teas downstairs; relax on rugs & cushions for stories upstairs.
Tales suitable for children 6-11yrs

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