Rottingdean launches updated village leaflet

Rottingdean Village LeafletThe official Rottingdean Village leaflet launched 2 years ago has now been updated. Production is co-ordinated by the RTBPA but it is joint funded by Rottingdean Parish Council, Rottingdean Preservation Society, One Digital printers as well as the RTBPA.

Building on the success of the first edition, the leaflet aims to promote everything Rottingdean has to offer for the benefit of those who do not live in the village. Included are some of its famous past residents, historic buildings, locations and importantly, how to find us.

This edition also lists over 30 events in the village for 2014, including; Rottingdean Arts Spring Music Festival 6-16th March; the launch of a NEW Kipling Festival 10th-20th July; productions by Rottingdean Drama Society in April and July; the Annual Rottingdean Village Fair on 2nd August; various exhibitions and events at the Grange Art Gallery throughout the year and the popular Smugglers Night on 6th December – to name but a few.

Web links are provided throughout the leaflet to help the reader with more information via the Rottingdean website. By using these links, everyone with access to the internet can contact shops, businesses and organisation in the village (also printed in the current Village Directory). Forms on the website give local businesses or organisations the facility to add, update or amended their listing. Also, for residents there is a facility to send news items and pictures of interest.

Rottingdean Trade, Business & Professional Association hope that the new leaflet will help more people discover Rottingdean, and wish to learn about our village by visiting, spending time here, use and enjoy its many facilities.

The leaflet will be distributed from February by Take One to 636 venues across the East and West Sussex and also be available locally in shops and other venues.

You can download the leaflet directly from this website here

Local businesses wanting a supply of the leaflet should contact RTB&PA using form on the website

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