Rottingdean In Bloom Issue 44

Following the winter storms, I suppose that everyone feels a little bit bruised and battered, which equally applies to the garden beds and containers up and down the High Street, some of which need completely replanting. This will require a lot of time and effort and if there is anyone else willing to lend a hand, then I shall be delighted to hear from you on telephone 302431.

This year we are again entering Kipling Gardens and Beacon Hill Nature Reserve in the South & South East in Bloom competitions, both of which won gold awards in their respective categories for the second year running. As most of you know we have again withdrawn from the Small Town category, whereby we can concentrate our minds on the schools and St. Margaret’s Church grounds where their own projects are concerned, as we have done in the past.

Some of these will also be entered for the “In bloom” competitions and in order to further adorn the High Street and Marine Drive, certain of the shops and pubs will be encouraged to enter the Brighton in Bloom contests in order that we may maximise upon the overall visual impact of the village.

Funding is naturally a fundamental requirement, if we are to cover the cost of additional and replacement containers, perennials, bedding plants and spring bulbs, hanging baskets and the school’s ecological projects etc, and if therefore any of the residents would like to support the cause, then they are again invited to send their donation, however large or small, to our treasurer Dr. Roger Levy at 46 Dean Court Road, Rottingdean. BN2 7DJ with cheques made payable to Rottingdean in Bloom.

Harold Williams

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