Robotics & Computer Programming – Holiday Workshops With The Curiosity Hub

curiosity-hubThe Curiosity Hub are running two creative workshops for kids aged 6-9 and 7-12 on Wednesday 30th July at Arthropod Arts, 20-22 High St, Rottingdean.

Adventure Stories with Lego® WeDo Robotics (Ages 6-9)
9am-12pm – Arthropod Arts (20-22 High St), Rottingdean

We’re off on a robotic adventure! In this workshop, we’ll be building and learning to program robots using Lego® WeDo kits! Students will work in pairs to assemble robots using Lego® Education WeDo robotics kits and use the visual drag-and-drop software to instruct the robots to move, respond to sensors and play sounds. We’ll also learn about the mechanics of motors, axles and gears in this exciting workshop.

No previous experience required.

Create your own Computer Game with Scratch (Ages 7-12)
1pm-4pm – Arthropod Arts (20-22 High St), Rottingdean

Go behind the scenes and create your own video game! Students will use Scratch (child-friendly visual programming software developed by MIT Media Lab) to create their own on-screen game, featuring keyboard control, levels and their very own characters! After the workshop, the students’ games can be emailed home.

No previous experience required.

All workshops can be booked online at the Curiosity Hub website

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