PARC – Connor’s Court Update

Connor Saunders FoundationWe had hoped that the court would have been in place by now. The current timescale is for the laying out work to begin the week beginning 28th July and completion in early September.

Costs have risen due to changing manufacturer to get a better warranty on the product so the overall costs are expected to be £85,000 which is considerably more than early estimates.

Donations Needed
If you would like to help PARC continue to raise funds for fantastic facilities for our children and young people we could do with your donations of clothes & toys. Please bring your donations to the shop during core opening hours which are 10-3 Monday to Saturday and 11-3 Sundays


  1. LFM says

    I note the plans for Connors court – a great addition to seafront amenities, but have doubts about the fencing in of the court shown in the illustration. Without fail, every year that whole area is awash with tonnes of stones thrown in by the sea which once or twice over the winter, road sweeper type vehicles must come and clear. These are huge vehicles! How will that work with the court being fenced? I am presuming a gate (not visible) but even then, will it be able to do the job that needs to be done given access needs for the vehicles and the obstruction to this caused by the fence?

    Not being a naysayer. Just wondered….

    • Cathy Taylor says

      HI LFM thanks for your comments and query regarding clearing the shingle from the court. The city council’s Seafront Team have taken on the responsibility for the maintenance of Connor’s Court. Vehicles will still be able to pass around the outside of the court. Build up of shingle within the court will be dealt with separately.

      The Seafront Manager is away this week but if you would like more detail I can ask her for more information when she is back.

      Best wishes

      Cathy Taylor PARC

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