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The Deans Magazine is a free full-colour monthly magazine combining editorial content with advertising for the local area.

As a service to the local community, The Deans publish articles on local groups and reports on local events for FREE. These groups must be genuinely community groups and this service is not available for businesses. They also have a What’s On page where they will add your regular and one off events for FREE. Please contact them to talk about the possibility of publishing an article by e-mailing or calling Anne or Keith on 01273 586527.

A print version of the magazine is delivered free to 6,350 homes in the Saltdean, Rottingdean, Ovingdean and Roedean area and to selected shops in Woodingdean. However, also readable online, the latest issue of the Deans magazine can be found here at and a link is now on the home page. Back issues are on the The Deans Magazine own website.

Everybody Needs Good Neighbours

Rottingdeanvillage has linked with Streetlife, a new social networking website recently launched across Rottingdean with the aim of helping people make the most of where they live by connecting with their neighbours.

Streetlife is a local social network, providing a free and easy way for communities to share news, views, recommendations and resources. It has been described as “the online equivalent of chatting over the garden fence”. Together with Rottingdeanvillage we hope Streetlife will enable people with busy routines or reduced mobility to keep in touch with what’s happening locally and become more involved in their communities.

To date more than a million people in over 4,000 communities across the country have adopted Streetlife and now Rottingdean locals are joining in too.

Conversations started on Streetlife have helped to find lost pets, save local pubs, expose doorstep scammers and set up community garden projects. The site also encourages real-world friendships, with neighbours sharing DIY equipment, IT advice and dentist recommendations, and organising walking groups and coffee mornings.

Streetlife’s Founder and CEO, Matt Boyes, is delighted to see the people of Rottingdean making new connections: “Within every neighbourhood there’s a wealth of knowledge and support. Streetlife makes it easy for local people to share that and together build stronger, safer, better connected communities.”

And now Rottingdeanvillage are inviting you to get involved!

Click on the link on our home page to find out more about Streetlife, the local social network, on a mission to strengthen community spirit.

Rottingdean Windmill Beacon Hill Open Days 2015

018Sunday 19th July, Sunday 16th August, Sunday 20th September
No booking required
Wheelchair access: to the ground floor
Parking: available in the village

How to get to Rottingdean.

For a full map of Rottingdean with all our attractions on it see our map of Rottingdean

Rottingdean Windmill has stood high up on Beacon Hill for over 200 years overlooking the village and the sea. It can be seen from at least two miles away, a symbol of Rottingdean itself. Rescued from demolition and restored, it is now open to the public on the 3rd Sunday of each month from May to September.

These open days are a wonderful opportunity to see inside one of Rottingdean’s iconic landmarks. The windmill is organised and maintained by The Rottingdean Preservation Society and the Open Days manned by volunteers. Although admission is free, donations are always welcome to help with the Society’s invaluable work.

The windmill on Beacon Hill is a familiar landmark between Roedean and Rottingdean. It is a Grade 2 listed smock-mill dating from 1802 and was built for Thomas Beard, a member of an old Rottingdean family.

Smock-mills were traditionally weather-boarded with six or eight sloping sides and a revolving cap which allowed the sails to take advantage of the wind. They were given this name because of their resemblance to a farmer’s smock.

Rottingdean mill was used to grind local corn into flour for village bakers. In 1877 the miller was George Nicholls. His young son Harry went around the village each day delivering hot rolls before going to school.

Sir Edward Burne-Jones’ wife Georgiana records seeing the mill working in 1880. However, by the end of that century, its only use was as a changing room for the cricketers-who played on Beacon Hill until the First World War.

The mill’s disrepair resulted in many efforts by landowners and villagers to preserve it. The machinery was removed and an internal steel framework fitted to hold the structure together. In 2001 a £40,000 Heritage Lottery Grant enabled the sails, or “sweeps” as they are known, to be restored. The current Trustees of the mill are The Rottingdean Preservation Society.

Rottingdean mill has been known internationally since the artist Sir William Nicholson produced a woodcut of it. His design was used as the trademark for Heinemann publishers and has appeared on their books since 1897.

Rottingdean’s tourist leaflet updated for 2015

RVL NEWwebimageAn new version of Rottingdean’s tourist leaflet, updated for 2015, has just been completed, and the printed version will be available from early July. 

The leaflet is illustrated with over 50 photographs and is packed with useful information about the village’s fascinating history and famous residents. It gives a brief description of some of Rottingdean’s historic buildings and places of interest together with maps of where to find them. There is a calendar of key annual events and the leaflet also provides links to this website and others for further information on many topics.

A downloadable PDF version is available immediately by clicking on the leaflet image in the right-hand column on the homepage of this website.

The printed leaflet is circulated free of charge to every household in and around Rottingdean, and is distributed to Rottingdean businesses, as well as libraries, guest houses, hotels and Tourist Information Centres around East and West Sussex.

New Visitor Information Point opens at The Grange

Lynda Hyde, Mayor of Brighton & Hove officially opened a new VIP (Visitor Information Point) at the Grange on the afternoon of Thursday 2 July.

The much needed and long awaited VIP can be found in the old computer room on the ground floor and is wheelchair accessible. Leaflets and literature, including local maps plus a selection of the library’s local history books are available for visitors to browse through. Importantly, there is once again somewhere for local businesses and organisations to put information about forthcoming activities and events.

Rottingdean’s VIP is the 15th in a network of visitor information points to be opened across Brighton & Hove and also the first to be established so far from the city centre. Visit Brighton, the official tourism body for Brighton & Hove, has trained library staff to provide information about attractions, events, facilities and who will also be providing a face-to-face welcome for visitors to the area.

A computer in the facility currently gives access to the council’s website, but visitors will also soon be able to access this site, with all it’s essential Rottingdean news and local historical information.

Visit Brighton, part of Brighton & Hove City Council, has worked with Rottingdean Trade, Business & Professional Association and Rottingdean Parish Council as well as colleagues in the library service to create the visitor information point.

Councillor Adrian Morris, the new Labour administration’s lead member for tourism and arts, said: “Rottingdean is a beautiful part of the city with a rich history. The new visitor information point will give visitors and residents alike an original way to find out more about the village, local attractions and events coming up. Brighton & Hove City Council is committed to supporting tourism across the city and this new service will hopefully encourage visitors to enjoy what is on offer in Rottingdean.”

Rottingdean Visitor Information Point Opening
Photo: Bob Curtis Photography 01273 303311

Rottingdean Garden Designer Joins BBC Chelsea & Gardeners World Teams

After great reception to Juliet’s debut piece last Friday on BBC2 Gardeners World, Juliet has now joined Monty Don, Carol Klein, Joe Swift et al in covering the RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

JS with Darren Hawkes Chelsea 2015
Image by Shenagh Hume

On Gardeners World Juliet covered:
The use of gardening therapy in treatment of people with mental illness at the Bethlem Royal Hospital in South London. Interviewing and gardening with two young men, who have found gardening tremendously helpful in their recovery.

At Chelsea Juliet has covered :
1. Chris Beardshaw’s garden designed to help create a healthier community in Poplar, London
2. Ruth Wilmott’s Garden for Breakthrough Breast cancer
3. Recycling of the show gardens after Chelsea (Matthew Wilson and Darren Hawkes’s gardens)
4. R. Wilkinsons vegetable stand in the Great Pavilion

This year at Chelsea there is an emerging theme of health and gardens, which is a long-standing interest of Juliet’s. Having first worked as a medical doctor, she has long campaigned for greater recognition of the importance of gardening and good landscape to our health and well-being. In the design of her own gardens, she places great emphasis on the way that the garden will make you feel, as well as the way that it looks.

Juliet was delighted by the RHS press release yesterday that the government has agreed to work more closely with the horticultural industry to support and develop it and to investigate the use of gardening as therapy in the NHS.

Juliet Sargeant
Mobile: 07934 496 118
Office: 01273 300 587
Email :
Website :
Twitter : @JulietSargeant

200 Club Monthly Prize Draw – April 2015

The winners of the 200 Club last month were:

1. Alan Roberts – Peacehaven resident £50 (no 79)
2. Christine Storrie -Rottingdean resident £25 (no156)
3. June Salisbury- Rottingdean resident £15 (no 3)
4. Helen Clark – Rottingdean resident £10 (no 51)

July is the renewal date to become or renew membership for the 200 Club at £12 a year. Forms are available at the post office or via Harold Williams on 01273 302431 or email 40% of the income from the draw will go to village events and local worthy causes. On reaching optimum 200 numbers the four monthly prizes will range from £10-£50 with bumper £240 at Christmas.

Photo Found In An Attic Inspires New WW2 Play By Rottingdean Writer

Brochure image - Monte Cassino Morning - TheatreA wartime photograph, discovered in a family attic, has inspired a new play by Rottingdean writer, Jill Hucklesby.

The photo depicts Jill’s uncle, a captain in the Royal Artillery, marrying a nurse near enemy lines in Cassino, Italy, 1944.

“The image was so poignant, it made we want to know more,” Jill explains. “My research journey took me to the Allied cemetery at Cassino, where I found my uncle’s grave. He died aged just 23, two days after his wedding. It was here that the heart of an old soldier’s story began to beat, and “Monte Cassino Morning” was born. The play is an exploration of my uncle’s romance during the Italian Campaign, set just before the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Monte Cassino. It features a veteran soldier, finally confronting the past and finding the only road home leads back to the battlefield.”

Nicola Haydn, Artistic Director of Otherplace Productions, was quick to invite the show to premiere at The Pit at The Basement, one of the company’s venues in Brighton. “It’s a gripping and poignant story with a fresh take on wartime subject matter,” she said.

The show stars former RSC actor, David Fielder, and West End performer Nicky Croydon-Bond and is directed by Chris Bond (writer/director of ‘Sweeney Todd’ and 100 other shows). Design is by Ellen Cairns. It opens in Brighton Fringe on May 1st and runs until May 5th (6.30 pm and 7.30 pm on the last night). Tickets are £10/£8.50 concessions. More information online at Otherplace Productions, Brighton Fringe, or in person at the Fringe ticket office, One Stop Travel, North Street, Brighton) and on

Spring Is Here With Madwax Candles

2005a-simering-granules-essential-oilsSpring is finally here and we are all looking forward to BBQ’s and long summer evenings outdoors, however most of us would rather not enjoy this space with insects. There are lots of natural ways to help keep bugs at bay for example Citronella is known all around the world as an “all natural” mosquito and tick repellent.

There are lots of ways you can use Citronella, from granules which you can either leave in an open bowl to emit its fragrance (ideal in garden rooms) or you can light a teaspoonful of them in an oil burner.

You can place Citronella tea lights in containers in your garden or you can use Citronella scented jars and pots placed on suitable surfaces to deter bees and other insects. The Bees will naturally flee from smoke, and become dazed and less aggressive if they inhale too much of it. So even an unscented candle can be a natural way to keep your table free from pesky insects.

3320-candle-scented-citronella-jar-bolsius-jarCitronella as a repellent is safe and non-toxic to humans and animals (including insects). Although it is always best to burn Citronella products outside or with good ventilation as some people can have mild allergic reactions. Citronella does not kill insects but merely helps to repel them by masking the scents they are attracted too.

Citronella can be everything you need to make your evening go with more of a swing and less of a bite!

Pop in and see our wide range of Citronella and other garden products at 57 High Street Rottingdean or visit us online at

10% off all citronella products if you say “BEES ARE GREAT” (in store only for limited period).


SAFE Rottingdean – St Aubyns Field Evergreen

A substantial development is being proposed for St Aubyns Field (you can read more about this here).

SAFE have worked with Rottingdean Parish Council who have resolved to designate the site a ‘Local Green Space’. However Brighton & Hove City Council must adopt this into their Local Development Plan to save the Field forever.

The newly formed SAFE Committee are working hard to do just that. Help us to…

  • Save St Aubyns school playing field from developers and establish a public park
  • Support the sympathetic development of the main St Aubyns school site
  • Reduce traffic levels and traffic congestion in Rottingdean
  • Reduce air pollution levels in Rottingdean (which breach EU limits)

SAFE need the support of local residents. You can help by signing the online petition and donating to the SAFE campaign. Click here to Donate.

Click here to sign the online petition!

SAFE is a non-profit community organisation.