Nasty Neighbours

nasty-neighboursA terrific, thrilling black comedy by Debbie Isitt

This punchy play by Debbie Isitt examines the stresses and strains of modern life.

It bursts into life following the emigration to Australia of the Hodges, former neighbours of Mr and Mrs Peach.

The grieving Peaches anxiously twitch behind the net curtains at their semi-detached home wondering who will move in next door. But Mr and Mrs Chapman prove to be far from the ideal couple the Peaches had dreamed of. The Chapmans are rude, loud and aggressive. With growing frustration, Mr Peach embarks on a massive feud with his new neighbours.

The problems escalate out of all proportion, even including the harassment of old neighbours on the other side of the world. It isn’t long before all three couples are tearing each other apart and, in a terrifying climax, Mr Peach sets out to show the Chapmans just how nasty a neighbour can be.

This play contains adult themes so may not be suitable for children.

7.45pm Wed-Sat and 2pm on Sat

2pm on 19 JULY, 2014
7.45pm on 16-19 JULY, 2014

Park Road, Rottingdean BN2 7HL

Tickets are priced £8 for adults with a £1 discount for adults on the first night

Box office at
or by telephone: 0797 7523253

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