Meeting with Beacon Hub Brighton “BHB” Project Team

You are invited to join a brief meeting with Beacon Hub Brighton “BHB” project team members this Wednesday April 02 at 7.30 pm at the Rottingdean Club, High Street, opposite the Plough pub. RSVP!

The aim of the meeting is to obtain your opinion on the response of BHCC to the proposal by several local volunteer groups to convert the Beacon Hill golf cabin and surrounding grassland into an education classroom and wild life interpretation centre for schools, local community groups and tourists.

Since last October BHB have created an open public community consultation website which highlighted the community benefits and successfully informed a wide range of stakeholders on the sustainability of the proposed improvements.

BHB submitted a very detailed proposal to BHCC in January with the written support of almost all local schools, community and volunteer groups, and churches. This document, attached, was put onto the Ovingdean and Rottingdean Village websites where it received further public support. It included a generous offer of a £25000 donation to refurbish the golf cabin into a 35 seat classroom from a local person.

BHB requested a lease for 20-25 years with a break clause after 7 years to fit with the existing Rottingdean Preservation Society lease on the Windmill. A minimum 7 years lease is needed to allow BHB to bid for additional funding from the Lottery and English Heritage, to build a user base for the classroom and create a sustainable offer for our schools, community groups, and tourists.

Last Friday March 28 BHCC emailed BHB advising our request for a 7 year lease was not an acceptable “risk” and offered a max 3 years provided they had guarantees of future usage and payments by schools and community groups BHCC gave a deadline of April 02 to reply

BHB have replied that this is untenable as potential classroom users cannot make specific payment commitments within a few days
BHB would also lose the private donation of £25000 and future public grant funding which is often matched to private funding

We are sorry for the short notice. If you are unable to attend we would appreciate any comments, opinions or ideas by email by April 02
Please also share this email with other interested parties.

Beacon Hill is a valuable community asset, which you can protect from private leisure companies IF YOU VOICE YOUR OPINION…
BHB local volunteers groups are experienced conservationists supporting children’s education and tourism.

Please let us know your views


Libby Darling, Atlanta Cook, Jay Butler, Jo Spickett & Clive Bonny.

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