Kipling Festival Tickets Now on Sale!

It’s official: Tickets are now available online! And in person at two convenient locations in the village as well.

(A lot of the Kipling Festival is actually Free – we have only four ticketed events, so it’s a good idea to get those tickets well in advance to avoid disappointment.)

For the Literary events:

Judith Flanders, A Circle of Sisters – July 14 2014, 7pm
Peter Crowhurst, Kipling’s Imperial Dream – July 18 2014, 7pm
Dr. Lizzie Welby, Dawn in Paradise: Kipling’s Sussex – July 19, 2014

You can get your tickets at the Grange Art Gallery (Mon-Sat 10-4, closed Wed. Sun 2-4)

For the delightful family show, “Just So!” (a hit at the Brighton Fringe last month) coming to the Kipling Gardens at 3pm on July 12 and 13th, Tickets are available at The Open Art Cafe, 6 Nevill Rd. (Open 9-4, Monday to Sat, and 10-4 Sundays.)

Online, you can order tickets anytime via:

and they can be paid for by cheque or bank transfer. Tickets bought online can be mailed out (for £1) or held at the door in an envelope for pick up at the event, or picked up at the Grange Art Gallery before the event. For all the information please see

and go to the ticket page under Events.

Please share this information with friends and family and don’t miss this wonderful week in Rottingdean celebrating Kipling the
Storyteller from Sussex by the Sea!

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