Flushed with success – Rottingdean’s Undercliff Loos Award

P1040692-2As many will be recall, after a long wait and despite some initial opposition, the plans for new loos on Rottingdean seafront were given the go-ahead. The restoration and upgrading of the loos was finally completed last September and the loos have been in use ever since.

Beach and undercliff users, particularly those with young families, the elderly or disabled, need proper, modern and hygienic facilities. In the past, seafront users had to cross the busy coast road just to use the loo. For a number of years the toilet facilities in the village, particularly on the seafront had been woefully inadequate, but replacing them was a complex and expensive undertaking. Now, particularly as the weather improves, the beaches get busier, more people are walking or cycling along the undercliff – the new loos have proved to be a great success.

They have met with widespread approval, not only by the public who use them, but notably by the organisation that gives the annual Loo of the Year Awards. The loos were given the overall Platinum Award, the top level in the world of public conveniences!

The judges said: “This just goes to show what a bold, new build can achieve, reflecting a modern, inclusive society in 2013. Congratulations to all concerned. An excellent all-inclusive spec. and one of our top entries seen this year.”

Since its introduction in 1987, the annual Loo of the Year Awards competition has helped focus the spotlight on ‘away from home’ toilets throughout the UK. The Awards are run independently and promoted by the British Toilet Association and have a simple objective, namely, to encourage the highest possible standards in all types of ‘away from home’ or public toilets.

It proves what can be achieved with determination and public support. I think we should all feel “flushed with success”!

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