Election results

Rottingdean Parish Council LogoThe four successful candidates in the Rottingdean Parish Council elections were:-

Roy Wales (341 votes)
Sue John (231)
Amanda Connolly (221)
Heather Mae Butler (203).

NOT elected: Helen Mercer (188), Jean Spray (170), Hugo Paton-Cox (162), Allan Jones (158) and John Higgins (103)

The conservative candidate, Katy Bourne, was voted in as the new Police Commissioner.


  1. says

    re new parish councillors
    As a local resident I would have liked to have received basic information about these council changes which we were supposed to vote on. Perhaps council can advise us now:
    Why did 4 councillors resign?
    Why did nobody in council inform the community proactively that positions were available?
    I found out after my return from a 2 week holiday when it was too late to apply.
    Why did the community not have sufficient information about candidates to cast an informed vote?
    How many people, like myself, did not vote because of the above?
    What are the new councillors going to do to support our community?
    Let’s have some simple answers to some important questions and ensure next time the parish council inform the community effectively and responsibly.
    Election “rules” may have been followed but our basic democratic rights and principles have been ignored.
    Are there any individual past and current Councillors who are prepared to answer these points?
    What do other local people think?

  2. Rottingdean says

    A response from Bob Webzell (Cllr) – RPC’s Interim Chairman:

    Thank-you for the opportunity to respond to Clive Bonny’s comments which I am happy to do as Rottingdean Parish Council’s interim Chairman.
    I appreciate his position and him raising these issues, thank him for doing so and will take them in his order and by number:

    1. Rottingdean Parish Council (RPC) announced the need for an election through it’s website, http://www.Rottingdean-pc.gov.uk RPC Minutes and notice board once the need had been determined in October 2012. RPC has to pay the expenses of an election but not the canvassing costs of candidates.
    2. What reasons have been given for resignations are included in the RPC Minutes. Once the need for an election had been determined with its inherent costs, at least one other Councillor brought there retirement forward, to avoid extra expense to RPC, next Spring.
    3. Positions were announced by RPC as above, and through personal exchanges with Parishoners, it was announced in St Margaret’s Church, by The Argus and by BHCC’s electoral department seeking official nominations.
    4. Candidates had a timeframe in which to officially respond determined by BHCC and by the election date, coinciding with the Police Commissioner elections, to reduce the costs of running two elections. It was a longer period than two weeks. I am grateful to 9 Candidates for putting themselves forward for election.
    5. Mr Bonny is not the only one to ask this question. There are no funds publicly available for canvassing votes and individual candidates were responsible for their own campaigns and flyers. I am aware of 3 candidates who made an individual effort in print and 2 of these were elected. In May 2011 when 11 candidates stood for the 9 seats, these 11 candidates printed a collective sheet of details, and shared the space and the costs equally between themselves, as they sought election/re-election to RPC.
    6. Throughout BHCC there was approximately a 15% turnout for the Police Commissioner election, in Rottingdean there was a 25% turnout for the RPC elections. This increase is significant and does show the public awareness within Rottingdean Parish for the RPC election. The reasons why 75% did not turn out must be many and varied but the lack of information about individual candidates is surely a contributory factor.
    7. Today is Day 1 of the reconstituted RPC, with a new Parish Clerk taking up office also. What your Council achieves for the Village is dependent upon our skills and motivation to achieve necessary tasks and develop as a team, and the effectiveness of Parishoners to communicate their needs to RPC. The agreement of a Neighborhood Plan for Rottingdean is a major challenge ahead of us all and will be addressed thoroughly in 2013 as will the completion of refurbished seafront toilets. Parish residents have elected us to serve them. Communication is a two-way street and RPC look forward to hearing from any resident of Rottingdean as to their ideas about future wishes and developments in our home Village.

    I will happily meet with Mr Bonny, or any other resident, if they wish to discuss these views and matters that affect Rottingdean further and i can be contacted via the email address herewith and via the RPC website above.

    Bob Webzell (Cllr)
    RPC’s Interim Chairman

  3. says

    Dear Bob
    Thank you for your very prompt response which I very much appreciate given the volunteer roles of PC.
    We are all in the same boat so in the interests of positively moving forward together may I offer a few ideas to address matters raised:
    1 Canvassing costs can be reduced by a common agreement for all candidates to use a single online platform and even a single published broadsheet to tell us what they stand for with 100-200 words each. Broadsheets can be put onto notices in pubs, shops etc and refer us to more comprehensive content on a website link. Such publishing would be low cost and easy to access.
    2 The pre-election minutes I read about challenges and conflicts of interest appeared to be unclear. There appeared to be issues but it was difficult to see what was going on. Disagreement can be healthy if the points being reviewed are clearly described.
    3, 4, 5 As for 1 above. I was on holiday for 2 weeks and missed the announcements.
    Good to hear 9 people came forward and that collective electioneering can work in the future.
    6 Perhaps candidates can in future blog Q and A online with voters. We have the channel which is this website!
    7 Great to hear of the planned improvements. Many locals are also concerned at the poor continuity of small businesses and local traders. Perhaps our neighbours in the city tourist offices can do more to promote Rottingdean to some of the 8 million visitors they have every year. More footfall will help our lovely pubs and shops who need nurturing support from our bigger City neighbours.
    Personally I’d like to see PC promote the small business grants to our local traders.
    Thanks again for your quick reply and clear desire to work with all and sundry.

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