Changez d’ Art (Breath of fresh Art)

A group of French artists from Normandy have come together to show their artwork in this year’s Brighton Festival. There is a good range of mixed mediums giving you the opportunity to have a little taste of France. The artists are enthusiastic about being part of the Brighton Festival. It is also the first time for some of them to exhibit their artwork in the quaint village of Rottingdean. With the support of DFDS ferries.

And this year the artists have come together making a calendar to raise money to buy art equipment for South Africa School, All money raised in selling the calendar is going to the charity.

“Bienvenue à tous! Venez nombreux nous rendre visite!”

23 Scout-Hut- Rottingdean; BN2 7HB
end of Chailey rd or up Whiteway Lane and Bridle-path
Opening Dates, Times
Weekends 3,4,10,11,17,18,24,25 & 5,26 Bankholidays of May 2014
Saturday/Sunday 13.00 -17.00 & Bankholidays 13.00- 18.00

Info: E-mail , Ian Seymour, 01273 623578,

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