Caravans at Rottingdean Recreation Ground

When members of PARC heard that a number of caravans had made their way to the Recreation Ground we immediately notified the police and the council that there is an event planned for the Rec on Sunday.

Debbie Taylor Secretary of Brighton theatre Group Youth had invited 50 children and their families to a celebration of their recent production of “Grease” to a BBQ and picnic at our local park.

We advised the council and police that money had already been spent on food and that it was too short notice to contact everyone to reschedule or move the venue. This evidence has given the council and the police sufficient cause to move the travellers on so that the event can take place tomorrow and they should all have gone by 6pm this evening.

Early reports show that damage has been done to the table tennis tables.

Thanks to local councillors Lynda Hyde and Mary Mears and to MP Simon Kirby for support in expediting this.

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