Brighton & Hove City Council: Grant a minimum 15 year lease to the Beacon Hub project

As support for the Beacon Hub Project (BHP) grows the BHP team are now petitioning Brighton and Hove City Council to grant them a minimum 15 year lease over the 7 year lease originally offered.

BHP have been advised by potential funders, South Downs National Park Authority and Heritage Lottery Fund, that they will not entertain funding the project based on a seven year lease and that a minimum 15 year lease is required.

Without funding to redevelop the building, the project is unlikely to succeed in that, the existing layout is only suited to small parties of children (12 max at a time). We must be able to accommodate classes of 35 children in order to attract patronage from stage schools.

BHP have created a petition to request that Brighton & Hove City Council grant a minimum fifteen year lease to the Beacon Hub project.

If you agree that the Beacon Hub is a worthy endeavor and that the City council should grant a longer lease to enable the project to qualify for funding please consider signing the petition:

Grant a minimum 15 year lease to the Beacon Hub project


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