200 Club Monthly Prize Draw – February – March 2014

We are pleased to announce the last two months results as follows

200 Club Results Feb - Mar 2014

200 Club Results Feb – Mar 2014

After publishing the results of the 200 Club Draw in the Village News for the past seven years, the “whys and wherefores” become awfully repetitive, as I am sure that the majority of our readers will, by now, understand how the system functions. Apart from the prize monies, the one important element is the 40% that is retained for local worthy and charitable causes and, with this in mind we now approach the July anniversary date.

In this respect, application forms will be distributed to all households in and around the village during late May and to illustrate the confidence that our members have in its authenticity, roughly one third pay on bankers standing order. Perhaps in the meantime, those of you who enjoy a flutter and are supportive of the village might consider joining the “club”.

In conclusion, when I attempted to put my last March lucky number back in the draw, the bank cashiers and customers wouldn’t hear of it – perhaps I might have been accused of “bucking the system”!!

Harold Williams

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