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Featured Story

Rottingdean In Bloom

Rottingdean In Bloom Issue 44

Following the winter storms, I suppose that everyone feels a little bit bruised and battered, which equally applies to the garden beds and containers up and down the High Street, some of which need completely replanting. This will require a lot of time and … Read Full Article

PARC Charity

PARC Charity Shop

PARC raises money for play facilities for children and teenagers in the local area. Our Charity Shops have recently been undergoing extensive repairs and refurbishments due to the very poor quality of the buildings we rent from the council. These works … Read Full Article

K 1 Patricia

Changez d’ Art (Breath of fresh Art)

A group of French artists from Normandy have come together to show their artwork in this year's Brighton Festival. There is a good range of mixed mediums giving you the opportunity to have a little taste of France. The artists are enthusiastic about being part … Read Full Article