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Jazz On A Summer Evening

First the Spring Music Festival, then the Kipling Festival, and soon the Village Fair... hopefully appetites for pleasurable activity are not yet totally satiated, because still to come is an evening … Read Full Article

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The Wonder Tales

Ever wondered how the Starling got her stars, where the Pheasant got his honk, or how the Fox got his brush? Then welcome to THE WONDER TALES, Nikki Bradford’s new book inspired by Kipling’s Just So stories! But instead of animals like lions or rhinos … Read Full Article


A new guide to The Kipling Gardens

Rottingdean Preservation Society have published a colourful new guide to the Kipling Gardens. This useful reference pamphlet, written by Evan Murphie the head gardener, and Valerie Whittle of RPS is full of interesting information about the Gardens. The … Read Full Article


City Council Award Lease To Beacon Hub Project

The lease for the disused golf kiosk adjacent to Rottingdean windmill has been awarded to the community led Beacon Hub Project. Trustees of the project, Jay Butler - Project Manager, Jo Spickett - Conservation advisor and Libby Darling – CEO, accompanied by … Read Full Article